Release of Talend Framework 1.5

Yellow Pelican are please to announce the release of the Talend Framework version 1.5.

What’s new in Talend Framework 1.5

Job Monitoring

The Talend Framework 1.5 brings the release of the utility Job: MonitorJobs.

This Job will monitor the execution of your other Jobs, ensuring that they are active when they should be.

For more information, read Job: MoniorJobs.

Automatic File Archiving

The library Job: LibArchive allows you to automatically archive files from a number of known directories on your file system. You specify which directories are to be archived and, optionally, which file patterns should then be deleted from those directories.

Job: LibArchive works in conjunction with Job: LibPruneFileSystem, to ensure that your file system is maintained in a healthy state, with minimum effort on your part.

Unprocessed File Report

If you have Jobs that read files from your input directory for processing, the library Job: LibUnprocessedFileReport will automatically report on any files that remain unprocessed, based on your own file specification.

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