May 1, 2017


Magpie is a multi-protocol file downloader that can be scheduled for downloading files, by following a simple set of user-defined rules.

The current version of Magpie supports the following protocols: –

  • HTTP
  • SFTP
  • FTP

The rules of how files should be downloaded may be defined in a Spreadsheet, CSV file, or by using a plug-in adapter for the application of your choice.

An individual file’s download status may be reported via Email, Slack, and a number of other channels.

Many applications are required to download files that are needed for their operation. Remove the complexity of this by allowing FileFetcher to manage the downloading of these files, so that your applications always have availability to locally stored files.

As you start to use Magpie, you’ll quickly see that its functionality goes far beyond that of a conventional file download utility.