May 22, 2016

Integration glue

What is Integration glue?

Integration glue is a series of software applications that targets the specific integration needs of the disparate software applications that are used within your organisation.

All organisations use a number of software applications, supporting activities such as Financial Accounting, Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRMS), and beyond. It is not unusual for some organisations to be reliant on 50 applications, 100 applications, and beyond. There is usually a requirement for some of these applications to be able to communicate with each other at both an application and data level.

In some instances, your application vendor may provide the capability to interact with a number of other popular applications; however, it is unlikely that their software will have the ability to handle all of your integration needs.

The glue Framework

The glue framework consists of a number of core engines that work in conjunction with a number of custom connectors.

An example of a core engine is TwitterSearch. TwitterSearch allows you to use the Twitter API to search for tweets that match your specified criteria. TwitterSearch will autonomously collect tweets periodically, passing them on to the application of your choice.

TwitterSearch is supported by a number of custom connectors including the Twitter API, Microsoft Excel and Salesforce. A demonstration version of TwiterSearch is available, utilising each of these connectors. Yellow Pelican are also able to build bespoke connectors for your own applications.

The Benefits of the glue Framework

By using the glue framework, we are able to provide off-the-shelf integration solutions, and build your custom integration solution at a fraction of the time and cost that it would take for you to implement the solution yourself, or to engage your Application Integrator do build this for you. You will also benefit from a robust and proven framework.