Slack Support for Talend Framework

Yellow Pelican are please to announce that the Talend Framework now supports Slack integration. Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool. The name is actually an acronym, meaning, “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. The Talend Framework‘s sophisticated support for Slack and other messaging systems allows you to intelligently report your Job status to your Read more about Slack Support for Talend Framework[…]

Release of Admonitor

Yellow Pelican are please to announce the release of Admonitor version 1.1. Admonitor a is cross-platform computer network monitor application that is suitable for both home users and small to medium sized enterprises. This first release of Admonitor provides the initial framework, as well as the capability to report, via Email, any changes to your WAN IP Address. This Read more about Release of Admonitor[…]

Don’t Forget to Checkpoint your Application

It always surprises me as to how little use is made of the simple but effective concept of Application Checkpointing. Checkpointing is a simple technique that allows you to add fault tolerance to your application by saving a snapshot of the application’s state, allowing it to restart from a checkpoint, should it fail. This is extremely important for a long running process, Read more about Don’t Forget to Checkpoint your Application[…]

Test Data Generation

There are many areas of application development and implementation where data plays a significant role. When you’re building and testing your application, you’ll invariably hit the question of where to get good data (and by that, I also mean bad data) in sufficient volume that will allow you to test both the functionality of your application and its ability Read more about Test Data Generation[…]