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Yellow Pelican offer a number of software products ranging from development frameworks through to integration, data migration, and data analytics.

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Software Development

Yellow Pelican develop a range of both open source and proprietary software products and you can find full details of these products on this site.

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Read our popular tutorials on Data Migration and Talend Data Integration.

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Data Migration

We have a wealth of experience on real-world data migrations and we can work with you on your own data migration projects, using our data migration framework software.

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Data Integration

Going hand-in-hand with our data migration expertise, is data integration. We have developed a number of solutions that provide continuous integration of your disparate applications.

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We have worked with a number of clients on both Salesforce data migration and integration projects. This work has benefited from our own Salesforce data migration framework.

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Yellow Pelican have have expertise in delivering high quality data migration and data integration projects using both Talend Enterprise and Talend Open Studio. We are the authors of TalendByExample.com and TalendFramework.com.

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